About The CEO



Oils by VanesScents is a business that was established in 2021. The founder, Vanessa, was inspired to start selling oils as a way to combine her passion for making money and her love for smelling good. She wanted to give others the opportunity to experience delightful scents without having to spend a fortune.


What sets Oils by VanesScents apart from other sellers in the industry is their unique qualities of roll-on oils compared to other fragrance options. These roll-on oils offer a convenient and long-lasting scent experience that customers love.

To ensure the quality and purity of their oils, Vanessa carefully selects her distributor, ensuring they provide only the best products available. This commitment guarantees that customers receive high-quality oils every time.


Oils by VanesScents also offers customized and personalized options for customers, allowing them to tailor their fragrance experience according to their preferences. Satisfied customers have shared testimonials and reviews praising the potency and staying power of these fragrances.


Among the popular ingredients and scents among customers are the home and car scents, which have become best sellers for Oils by VanesScents.


In order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and preferences in the fragrance industry, Vanessa ensures she stays informed. By keeping an eye on evolving trends, she can offer her customers the most current and sought-after fragrances.


Above all, Oils by VanesScents prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Vanessa believes that offering top-notch support is crucial for creating a positive experience for potential buyers.


Overall, Oils by VanesScents is a brand that combines passion, quality products, customization options, and exceptional customer service to deliver delightful fragrance experiences.